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ENERGIA - sophisticated billing tools for the district heating enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on ENERGIA - Utility Management is the response to the business needs of companies selling heat, water, gas and electricity.

As a longtime user of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we specialized in innovative solutions for companies in the sectors of construction and installation, heating and water supply. We are the author of an additional modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV named ENERGIA.

ENERGIA is an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it forms a coherent system with the basic modules: financial management, order, resources, sales and marketing, shopping, and many others. ENERGIA - Utility Management was created using the experiences and needs of district heating enterprises.

ENERGIA - Utility Management

Energia - Utility Management
Energia - Microsoft Dynamics Certificate

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Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Learn more about our customers

Learn more about our customers

The water business of Veolia in France manages water services, water treatment and treatment of wastewater for public institutions and industries throughout France.

VEOLIA’s waste, water and energy activities take care of sustainable development in China: resource conservation, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable economy, and social development.

Veolia is a leader in providing water, energy and waste services. In Bulgaria Veolia operates in the water and energy fields through Sofiyska voda JSC and Veolia Energy Bulgaria.

VEOLIA manages water resources, water treatment and supply to Consumers, the discharge and treatment of wastewater and storm water. Veolia is the largest private producer and provider of energy services in Romania.

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