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Veolia choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Energia Utility Management as a main software for billing process.

In Veolia Group the ENERGY system is used as the main billing system in the power industry area. Now, the system is used by the companies located in France, China, Bulgaria and Romania.

The ENERGY team takes care about maintenance and development of the ENERGY system according to the guidelines from the Veolia business departments. The ENERGY team is also involved in ensuring consistency of this solution (i.e. core model) and taking care about quality of the application solutions.

Learn more about our customers

Learn more about our customers

The water business of Veolia in France manages water services, water treatment and treatment of wastewater for public institutions and industries throughout France.

VEOLIA’s waste, water and energy activities take care of sustainable development in China: resource conservation, environmental protection, recycling and sustainable economy, and social development.

Veolia is a leader in providing water, energy and waste services. In Bulgaria Veolia operates in the water and energy fields through Sofiyska voda JSC and Veolia Energy Bulgaria.

VEOLIA manages water resources, water treatment and supply to Consumers, the discharge and treatment of wastewater and storm water. Veolia is the largest private producer and provider of energy services in Romania.

Business need

Company: Veolia
Headquater: Paris, France
Activity area: around the globe
Industry: Utilities
Employment: 174 000
Revenue: $24,96 bilion
Core business:

  • Water
  • Waste management
  • Energy services

Veolia designs and delivers services that are vital to human development and sustainable performance through three complementary business activities: water management, waste management and energy services. The company provides innovative, sustainable solutions to improve people's everyday lives and protect future resources. Veolia employ 179 000 employees around the world.

Energia - Utility Management

In order to compete in the field of heat energy production market, a company must efficiently and effectively realize processes connected with heat sale, immediately react to technological changes, implement actions aiming at energy loss reductions, especially heat energy.

IT system had to meet expectations and requirements of the company covering standard fields of ERP system functionalities such as: finance, accounting, purchase, warehouse and jobs management as well as complex strictly technological fields including heat energy calculation, energy loss monitoring, technological infrastructure management or control of heating network maintenance costs.

Veolia was looking for a software to cover energy billing processes together with technology management and energy analysis. The answer was ENERGIA - Utility Management, fortunately an integrated part of MS Dynamics NAV which was well known in Veolia.


Energia - Utility Management Our company - Kelvin - has been present in the field of heating market since 1989. We have long experience with MS Dynamics NAV, the master team of developers and consultants. Since 1990 we have constantly been developing ENERGIA – Utility Management add-on for MS Dynamics NAV which is a complete system for managing the district heating plant. Today we are proud of ENERGIA – Utility Management add-on for MS Dynamics NAV 2015.

In 2007 our company - Kelvin - started cooperation with Veolia France including ENERGIA add-on to Veolia’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV core. Today ENERGIA add-on is an integrated part of Veolia ERP software and is used in such Veolia’s departments over the world as:

  • Jamusi, China
  • Chongquing, China
  • Beijing, China
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Varna, Bulgaria

In 2008 we launched a project in China and covered few localization. The first localization was Jamusi city, north-east China. Jamusi ‘s heating plant delivers heat energy to 170 000 consumers covering 10 million square meters of properties. The other one was located within Chongqing (Changshou) Chemical Industry Park. Veolia was the unique energy service company authorized by the local industry park committee to provide steam to more than 80 industrial factories. ENERGIA add-on for MS Dynamics NAV implemented in 2010 has supported energy invoice calculation and power plant efficiency reporting.

One of the most interesting project was Varna Bulgaria. The project focused mainly on billing processes including losses calculation on heating network. Very complex calculation rules for private consumers makes the project really challenging. ENERGIA add-on has been enhanced by new calculation functionalities supporting specific Bulgarian requirements.

Combining standard functionalities of MS Dynamics NAV with ENERGIA add-on enabled to reflect specific requirements and processes of heat energy plant. Implementation of ENERGIA brought several measurable and rational benefits such as:

  • increase in customer service efficiency
  • billing process automation
  • increase in invoice generating efficiency for individual customers
  • easily adjustable tariffication suitable for specific terms and conditions of the agreement
  • introduction of meter read-outs directly from external meters/devices or files
  • improvement of every read-out correctness controlled by the system
  • reflecting the heating system structure by its key elements such as: nodes, networks, objects, meters, devices
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